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There were 892 arrests during the Portland Riots that Multnomah County District Attorney Mike "catch and release" Schmidt refused to prosecute.  They were back on the streets rioting that night.  That's why we had 100 nights of people being hurt (including police), businesses being firebombed, and Portland being turned into another Tijuana, Mexico.  As governor, I'm going to publicly call out politicians who refuse to uphold the public order.

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Are we going to solve this or not?  We're spending hundreds of millions of tax dollars to pay for a bureaucracy that simply moves homeless camps from one place to another.  One of the first things I'll do is forbid illegal camping on public and private property.  We will no longer tolerate the garbage, the rats, the abandoned drug needles, all ultimately resulting in unheard-of criminal activity.  

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During the last legislative session, Democrats AND Republicans  voted to allow the next Kip Kinkle, Oregon's most infamous serial killer, to get out of prison at age 25. a 17 year old can kill his parents, go to school and murder and wound as many students as he wants, and walk out of prison at age 25!  I will name names of those legislators that perpetrated this travesty.  Make no mistake, if a Republican acts irresponsibly regarding public safety, I will expose him/her as quickly as I will expose a Democrat.  Public safety is the #1 reason we have government.  We will not DEFUND the police.  We will INCREASE funding for police making sure the money gets to the street level.

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We've spent nearly 10 BILLION dollars on public education.  And now we find out the legislature quietly is allowing students to graduate without proof of being able to read, write, or do arithmetic!  Wouldn't you like to know what legislators voted to do this?  My campaign is committed to publicly confront politicians who do something as foolish as this.

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