I watched over 100 consecutive nights of violence destroy downtown Portland. 


I watched night after night as anarchy steadily took over a once beautiful and vibrant center of economic growth and artistic expression. 


I watched the explosion of urban warfare destroy lives and businesses all because Ted Wheeler and Kate Brown let it happen by refusing to do their jobs.  In fact, as I looked around I found none of the politicians were trying to stop it…much less help. 


That’s not Oregon and that’s not who we are.  


Today, I see citizens and businesses—our state—held hostage by ineffective and incompetent leadership as the violence continues. 


So I decided to step up and stop this madness because when I’m Governor, it ain’t gonna happen.  Defunding our police, not prosecuting violent criminals, and being soft on crime are dumb ideas that don’t keep you safe.  


Government’s supposed to keep you safe and that’s exactly what I’ll make government do.  That’s why I’m running for Governor. 

Jim Huggins 

Candidate for Governor